Wellness exams

Your pet's overall health and happiness begin with an annual exam.

Wellness visits include a thorough exam, screening tests based on your pet’s individual needs and lifestyle, and vaccination protocols based on your pet’s individual risks. Dogs and cats age more rapidly than people do. For this reason, it is important that your pet have a yearly comprehensive exam


If your pet needs surgery, we have excellent surgeons on staff.

We offer a variety of surgical services ranging from routine spays and neuters, dental procedures to more complex abdominal, gastrointestinal, urinary tract, and soft tissue surgeries. In addition, we offer select orthopedic procedures including cruciate repair. We offer up to date gas anesthesia and customized anesthetic protocols for each individual patient’s needs.


Whatever medications your pet needs, we are here to serve you.

We maintain a complete pharmacy here at the Apple Country Animal Hospital. We carry a wide array of medicines from antibiotics to heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives.  Not only do we have a pharmacy in house, but for your convenience we also offer a home delivery service with online purchase of prescription products.


Clean teeth can improve the overall heath of your pet.

As your pet ages, he or she naturally accumulates tartar and bacteria in their mouth. This, left unchecked, will lead to periodontal disease and this will negatively affect multiple organ systems in the body. We provide professional ultrasonic scaling and polishing to remove tartar, digital radiology to diagnose dental problems, and oral surgery when necessary for more complicated procedures such as extractions, gum flaps and tumor removal. The clinic also offers products such as pet toothpaste, anti-tartar diets and treats, and water additives to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy! Sweet-smelling breath is an added bonus.

Internal Medicine

Some health issues require long term treatment, and we have experienced staff that will craft a treatment plan for your animal.

Many animals have internal medical problems that can be addressed by our skilled veterinarians. Most are mild, but when more serious medical problems arise, we can aggressively manage these patients.

Geriatric Care

As pets age, their needs change.

Older pets encounter more medical problems. We recommend that all our senior patients come in for biannual physical examinations to track age-related changes, monitor organ function and to create treatment plans tailored specifically to your pet’s needs. With age, we stress the importance of quality of life to ensure the older years as as enjoyable for your pet as when he/she was a puppy.

Preventative Care

Vaccines are important to your pets continued good health.

Here at Apple Country we structure a vaccination program specific to your pet and your lifestyle. To determine this, many factors are taken into account, such as exposure, age, and general overall health.  While the Rabies vaccine is mandated by state law, other vaccines are used less commonly due to their low incidence in our area or effectiveness of the vaccines.

Behavior consultation

Pets can pickup unwanted behaviors.  We can help fix them.

As much as we love our pets, there are circumstances where behavior can pose a challenge. We spend time addressing not only your pet’s medical issues that may contribute. behavior, but also any temperament and training issues that play a role in behavior problems. We will also refer you to several professional trainers and behaviorists in the area who can provide additional assistance as needed.

Pain management

Keep your pet comfortable and active.

It is critical that each patient at Apple Country Animal Hospital be afforded appropriate pain relief. All of our surgeries will be afforded appropriate pain medications upon discharge. We work with our owners and animals to ensure animals with chronic conditions feel relief from debilitating pain. Pets with acute or chronic pain can get relief through carefully monitored pharmaceuticals allowing them to enjoy a more mobile life.

End of Life Services

Apple Country is here to support you and your pet.

Euthanasia is one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner will have to face. Although it is a personal decision, we work as a team to help determine the right time for the pet and family. Euthanasia is never an easy choice to make, but sometimes it can be the kindest choice. Occasionally the right thing to do for a pet that is extremely ill or so severely injured that it will never be able to resume a life of good quality is to have your veterinarian induce its death, quietly and humanely, through euthanasia. We work with all members of the family to make the process as peaceful as possible.

In-house Laboratory

Get results and information quickly using our state of the art lab equipment.

From routine preanesthetic blood testing, urinalysis, parasite checks to evaluation of complicated and/or unusual internal illness, we can obtain vital information in an efficient and timely manner, to better understand your pet’s unique condition, plan their care, and meet their need. For more extensive diagnostics, we utilize our professional reference laboratory.


Make it as easy as possible to find your missing pet.

When pets go missing it can be difficult to find their family. Implanting a microchip in your pet is a simple and virtually painless way to help ensure your pet will carry your information if they should go missing. A microchip is about the size and shape of a grain of rice and emits a unique number when a hand held scanner is brought near the chip. Through a national registry, the number connects to your information to reconnect family and pet.

Digital radiology

Our digital radiology machine makes taking x-rays fast and clear.

Here at Apple Country we have a state of the art digital processor which allows us to obtain clear images quickly. Digital Radiography aids in diagnosing both orthopedic and soft tissue conditions such as fractures, arthritis, lung/chest problems, abdominal/gastrointestinal problems, and bladder stones. Most animals can be awake for x-rays, although there are some situations sedation is used to reduce discomfort and allow for accurate positioning.

Flexible Payment Options

We strive to make it easy and effortless to pay for your visit.

Apple Country strives to make paying for your pet's care as easy and flexible as possible. We accept the following forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, Personal Check, Cash, and CareCredit.